Are Protein Shake Good For Diabetic Person?[4 Amazing Benefits]

Protein shake has gained popularity as a source of protein in the daily routine. It is important to choose the ingredients of protein shakes carefully for a diabetic person. In this blog, we will explore about protein shakes and discuss “are protein shake good for diabetic person or not”.  

What Is Diabetes Or A Diabetic Person?  

Diabetes is a disease that affects the regulation of blood sugar levels. When we eat food, our body breaks down this food into glucose which is used as a source of energy. To effectively utilize this glucose into energy our body needs a hormone called insulin. 

In a diabetic person, either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body doesn’t properly use this insulin. This causes high blood sugar levels which may lead to many health complications. 

Types Of Diabetes

There are different kinds of diabetes: 

Type 1 

Diabetes is when the immune system mistakenly destroys the cells that produce insulin. 

The research by the International Diabetes Federation has given the number of affected persons that have an age lower than 20 years are 1.52 million of the 8.75 million are affected by type 1 diabetes.  

Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is when the body does not effectively use insulin or is unable to produce enough insulin. 

The research by the National Institute of Health in 2017 concluded that an estimated 462 million people are affected by type 2 diabetes and 1 million deaths occurred due to this disease in 2017.      

What Is Protein Shake?  

Protein shakes are normal shakes with an additional amount of protein. Protein shakes are made by combining protein powder with milk or water and you can also add other nutrients or your choice to make variations in the flavor of the shake.

Protein shakes are used by athletes, gymnasts, and fitness freaks to meet their daily protein consumption. Protein shakes can either be used before a workout or after a workout to support growth and recovery.    

Are Protein Shake Good For Diabetic Person?

Yes, protein shakes are good for diabetic people if you use fewer carbs ingredients and the shake contains the least sugar content then the shake can help to control your sugar levels. 

The human body needs calories per day to function properly. In these calories, 20 to 30 % of protein is required for our body.

Some of the protein can be produced in the body but a large amount of protein can be consumed by other sources which include protein from natural sources such as nuts, oats, and meat or from synthetic sources such as powdered protein. So the human body will work properly when it gets its desired protein amount.

In a diabetic person, the main reason behind the increase in blood sugar level is quick digestion. Carbohydrates digest quickly which causes an increase in blood sugar levels as compared to protein which digests slowly and hence gradually increases which blood sugar levels which is normal.   

To maintain blood sugar levels, you must have to follow a high-protein diet. You can use protein milk shakes as a source of protein but keep in mind that the ingredients you select should contain the least amount of carbs or no carbs. If you use protein shakes with low sugar content it will help to control blood sugar levels.   

The 5-week study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2003 concluded that the high protein diet significantly lowered the sugar level of Type 2 diabetes patients.  

Protein Shake Recipe

  • 1 Scoop Protein.
  • 1 cup Milk.
  • 1 Apple (Optional).
  • 1 tsp Peanut Butter (for taste).
  • Almonds.


  • Add all ingredients in a blender and blend it until all the ingredients blend properly.
  • If you want a cold shake then add ice cubes.
  • Add a little amount of honey as a natural sweetener (Optional).

Benefits of Using Protein Shakes:  

  1. Protein digests slowly which helps to control blood sugar levels as it digests slowly all the glucose produced due to its breakdown is utilized as energy which does not suddenly increase blood sugar levels.
  2. It can help to manage weight in a diabetic person as protein is digested slowly it can help to feel full for a longer time which reduces overeating.
  3. Muscle needs protein for its growth and maintenance. So, protein shakes help to maintain muscle and its growth.
  4. It also contains extra nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and fiber depending on the ingredients.


It is concluded that adding a protein shake to the diet of a diabetic person is beneficial as it maintains its blood sugar level but keep in mind that the selected ingredients must contain the least sugar content so you can get maximum benefit from it. You can also consult to the health care before the use of a protein shake or a dietitian about the ingredients you use for a protein shake.  

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