How Many Calories Are In Protein Shake With Milk?

In this blog post, we will discuss calories in protein milkshakes. If you want a high-protein diet, you could use a protein shake with milk it gives you a good amount of protein which helps you to achieve your daily protein requirements.

While having a protein shake with milk, the question arises in mind How many calories are in protein shake with milk? So, we will explore a specific number of calories found in a protein shake with milk.

Protein Milk Shake  

A person who wants to build a massive or bulk body needs a high-calorie diet. To achieve the daily calorie goal different food sources are included in the diet. This may also include a Protein milkshake because it contains high calories.   

In protein milk shakes we add different ingredients to milk to get more calories. Milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey protein. 1 scoop of protein contains approximately 30 grams of protein which means 121 calories.

On the other hand, 1 cup of milk contains 148 calories which means if we add milk with protein, it gives approximately 270 calories.

Without adding any other ingredient protein milkshake gives 270 calories if we add more ingredients like almonds, dates, bananas, or any other food item then it goes around 350 calories. 

For a lean body protein milkshake is not suitable because, in a lean body, we need a calorie-deficient diet to reduce our fat percentage to the minimum level as possible so for this reason protein milkshake is not suitable for a lean body type.    

How Many Calories Are In Protein Shake With Milk? 

It depends on the ingredients which we use to make our protein milkshake. Let us take an example to understand deeply about the calories in the protein milkshake.  

For Example:

  • 1 Scoop of protein powder contains 121 calories. 
  • 1 cup of full-fat milk contains 148 calories. 
  • If we add 1 medium banana it contains 105 calories. 
  • If we add 3 ingredients it gives us 374 calories. The more ingredients you add the more calories you will get.

Benefits Of Using Protein MilkShake:  

Milk contains all essential amino acids if we blend it with protein shakes it enhances the amino acids profile in this way you can get all the essential amino acids that may be not present in protein powder.

In the process of gaining weight, you need protein for the growth and recovery of your muscles. Milk also contains protein which is in proportion of 80% casein to 20% whey.

The digestion rate of whey protein is quick so it helps to recover the muscle quickly and can be consumed after a workout.

As 1 scoop of protein powder contains approximately 30 g of protein and if you add this with 1 glass of milk it gives you a total of 38 grams of protein which is a good amount of protein from a single source.   

Also, milk contains fat and carbohydrates which means milk doesn’t only provide you protein but also provides carbs and fat which gives you energy. If you use protein milk shakes as a pre-workout gives you energy which helps you to lift heavy during a workout.

People who struggle in gaining can use milk with protein because it contains fat so can help to gain easily.   

Milk also contains other nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and potassium. By using milk, you can get other nutrients with protein that can help your body grow.     


After all the above discussion of how many calories are in Protein shake with milk, I concluded that if you need a high protein diet you can add protein milk shake because it contains a good amount of protein which helps to build a massive body.

The calories of a protein milkshake depend upon the ingredients you use. What kind of milk do you use in protein milkshakes? If you use any other ingredient, it also increases overall calories.

So, the protein shake is suitable for a person who wants to build a bulk body. If you want to build a lean body then a protein milk shake is not good for you because it contains fat and carbs. So for achieving daily calorie requirements protein milk shake is a good choice.

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