Can Protein Bars Make You Fat? [ 2 Main Reasons]

This blog post covers a topic regarding weight gain and answers the question Can protein bars make you fat? Anything puts weight or fat on your body if you are not using it in a proper amount or following a proper diet.

Protein bar does not make you fat if you manage your calorie consumption. In most cases, people gain weight while using protein bars and it occurs due to excess use of protein bars or not following diet.

Further, we will discuss about in detail so stay with us and read the blog for detailed analysis.

Muscle Gain vs Fat Gain of Protein Bar

There are two different terminologies muscle gain and weight gain. Mostly people add protein bars to their diet to gain muscle and eat too much on a daily basis thinking it helps in muscle gain.

But they aren’t aware of their calories per serving. A single protein bar gives you an average of 200 plus calories and puts weight on your body instead of muscle building. So, a proper balanced diet with protein bars is a must if you want to gain muscle mass.

Can Protein Bars Make You Fat?

Protein bars are popular and trending snacks that most people eat daily and some of them are used as meal replacers. Protein bars contain 200 to 450 calories. It is small, but it is calorie-dense so I you eat a protein bar it makes you hungry after some time as it is small.

Body weight gains when the calories consumed are greater than the calories burnt. People are addicted to protein bars and take excess amounts of protein bars in their daily routine.

It contains 200 plus calories per serving and if you are eating 2 to 3 protein bars it means you consume 600 plus calories. These extra calories are not good for you and put weight on your body. So a controlled balanced diet is a must if you are eating these bars.

Consuming protein bars is good for people who want to gain weight and for people who try to lose or maintain weight to stay away from such kinds of bars.

Protein bars are calorie-dense food and can offer huge amounts of calories in a single serving. Contains up to 14 grams of fat which puts weight on your body.

2 Main Reasons That Protein Bars Make You Fat

If a person is eating a protein bar for a week on a regular basis. He gains an average weight of 0.5 kg per week. If you are eating 3 to 4 apples or two eggs it gives the same calories as you eat 1 protein bar of 250 calories. Here are 2 main reasons that make you fat when you eat protein bars.


1. Contains Added Sugar Or Sugar Alcohols 

Protein bars contain added sugar and high fructose corn sugar which is not good for health and make protein bars like candy. The high content of sugar causes diabetes and obesity.

It also puts weight on the body which is unhealthy fat that makes you suffer from many diseases.

2. Adds Hydrogenated Oils

Protein bar manufacturers add hydrogenated oil to protein bars which helps to store them for a longer time and look fresh. This hydrogenated oil is made through unsaturated oils with a mixture of oxygen.

The consumption of hydrogenated oil causes a rise in LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol. This causes heart disease puts unhealthy fat on your body and is the leading cause of death in the US. diabetes.

My Suggestion

My suggestion is if you are a person like me who has no control over his diet then protein bars can make you fat. That fat is not healthy at all and can cause heart disease, stomach disorders, and diabetes.


Generally, people build their mindset as the protein bars help to build muscle and do not add fat to their bodies which is totally wrong because protein bars contain carbs and fat with protein. When they suffer they ask “Can protein bars make you fat?”.

Excess use causes an increase in body weight which is not good even if you are skinny. It is because it contains a high amount of sugar which can cause diabetes. If you want to gain weight, then add fruits and vegetables to your diet instead of this processed protein bar.

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