High Protein Scrambled Eggs [3 Methods +Recipe]

High Protein Scrambled Eggs

This blog post gives you the info about “High protein scrambled eggs”. Eggs can be cooked in several ways one of which is scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs can be made by adding only eggs or many different ingredients it’s up to you.

Scrambled eggs are packed with many nutrients and a high protein content. So, if you want to eat a high-protein breakfast that is good tasty and healthy then you must try scrambled eggs with cottage protein.

We also share a recipe you can add more ingredients to the recipe given below its your own choice.

Why You Need To Consume Cottage Cheese Scrambled Eggs?

Almost every person knows the importance of breakfast. If you are consuming breakfast but it’s not healthy it can cause different health-related issues. In a search for a healthy breakfast, people use different supplements like protein shakes and protein pancakes that are factory-made.

These factory-made products contain many ingredients which are not good for your health. So, you can consider scrambled eggs which are easy to make and healthy.

  1. When you add cottage cheese with eggs it increases protein content. The first reason to consume scrambled egg is that it is rich in protein and contains many other important nutrients.
  2. The taste of cottage cheese scrambled eggs is amazing, and its texture is fluffy and creamy.
  3. Cottage cheese scrambled eggs take hardly 5 to 6 minutes to cook which saves you time. The serving cost of scrambled eggs is less as compared to factory-made protein shakes and protein pancakes.

High Protein Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are considered a tasty breakfast, and they are also rich in protein. To make scrambled eggs high in protein you can make a combination of different ingredients with eggs like cottage cheese and eggs, mushroom spinach, and eggs.

Cottage cheese is a rich source of protein and provides you with 11 grams of protein per 100 grams. On the other hand, one medium-sized egg has a protein content of 6 grams.

Cottage cheese scrambled eggs contain high protein content with their fluffy texture and amazing taste can increase your protein intake and feel you full for a long period of time. If you are making scrambled eggs with cottage cheese it provides you with 17 grams of protein.

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To increase the quantity of protein you can also add other protein-rich ingredients like Greek yogurt, spinach, and mushrooms.

Here in this blog post, we share a recipe for scrambled eggs that helps you boost your protein intake and share the benefits of consuming scrambled eggs.

Recipe Of High Protein Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Protein

Eggs4 large
2% Cottage Cheese½ Cup
Black PepperOptional
Olive OilFor greasing pan
Salt1/8 tbsp

This recipe provides you with 37 grams of protein and almost 430 calories.


  • Scrambled eggs are easy to make and just need a few steps to make it.
  • The first step is to take a bowl and put eggs in it. Now add other ingredients which you choose to add to the eggs. Like in this recipe, we add black pepper, cheese, and salt. It’s time to blend or whisk all these together.
  • Now take a pan and spray some olive oil. Put this pan on a stove on a medium to low flame.
  • When the pan gets warm pour the mixture of eggs in the pan and cook it for 5-6 minutes. After 5-6 minutes your cheese scrambled eggs are ready to eat.

2 Scrambled Egg Protein

If you are making scrambled eggs using 2 eggs it gives you the following nutrients which are listed below. The protein you obtain by scrambling 2 eggs is 13.53 grams but if you add ½ cup of cottage cheese it provides you a total of 24.53 grams of protein. So, it’s up to you how much protein you want and what ingredients you use.

NutrientsNutrient Values
Total Fat14.9 grams
Cholesterol429 mg
Sodium342 mg
Total Carbohydrate2.68 grams
Protein13.53 grams
Vitamin D1 mcg
Calcium87 mg
Iron1.46 mg
Potassium 168 mg
Vitamin A174 mcg
Vitamin C0.2 mg


The blog post “High protein scrambled eggs” is summarized by adding a few more words. Scrambled eggs are a good breakfast option that provides you with a handsome amount of protein with many other nutrients that are important for you.

If you are not satisfied with other breakfast options people use pancakes or protein shakes in their breakfast. They can shift to scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are just awesome, fluffy, and good in taste. We give the recipe and also tell the nutritional values if you use 2 eggs.

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