9 Easy Tips How To Absorb Protein Shake Better?

The purpose of the blog post is to discuss “How to absorb protein shake better?”. Some people follow their diet strictly, consuming the required amount of protein every day and doing a proper workout. But they do not get significant results.

This is because their body does not absorb it properly. So, for your understanding, first, we explain how protein is absorbed or digested from eating to the end.

After that, we give you some tips that help you to improve your digestion and absorb protein shakes and other protein-rich foods easily.

How Protein Is Absorbed By Our Body?

The main topic that we have discussed is “How to absorb protein shake better?”. Before going towards the topic we need to understand the digestion of protein. Protein comes from different sources some are natural, and some are artificial based.

The natural sources include eggs, beans, legumes, tofu, nuts, and seeds. The artificial sources include protein powder, protein shakes, protein bars, protein pasta, and many others.


So, when we eat any food the digestion process starts. The protein source goes to our stomach. In the stomach pepsin gland (which is produced by the cells lining the stomach) breaks that protein into small chains of amino acids.

After that pancreas connects these amino acids together with the help of the peptides gland. Then it is further broken down by proteas.

These amino acids then go to the liver and from there they are sent to different body cells. These amino acids work to repair muscle tissues and increase muscle growth.

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How To Absorb Protein Shake Better?

Protein is one of the main macronutrients which is responsible for muscle growth and recovery. Some people consume a good amount of protein but are unable to boost muscle growth.

There are many reasons behind that, but the main reason is protein absorption. You consume protein but your stomach does not absorb or digest that protein.

There are many protein sources, one of which is protein shake which is the highlighting point of today’s article “How to absorb protein shake better?”. There are a few tips if you follow that you can easily manage to absorb protein shakes.

1. Try To Eat Proteas Rich Food

Our body is unable to absorb natural protein before absorbing protein it is broken down into smaller pieces. The function of proteas is to break protein into smaller pieces which are then easily absorbed by our body.

Try to eat food that contains proteas like kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple, and yogurt.

2. Choose the Right Protein Source

The digestion of protein also depends on the protein source. The digestion rate of whey protein is fast as compared to other plant-based or animal-based protein sources. So, try to consume a protein shake that is made through the ingredients that contain whey protein.

3. Consume Acidic Drinks Before Meal

To improve your digestive system, you can consume acidic drinks in the morning or before the meal. The drinks include ginger water, vinegar, lemon water, and orange juice, and even you can use curd which activates your digestive system and helps to absorb protein shakes.

4. Develop Food Synergy

When you are consuming protein shakes try to add a variety of ingredients like dry fruits, fruits with milk, and protein powder. It helps to easily digest your protein shake.

5. Improve Gut Health

The gut health has a direct relation with diet. If you are not consuming a proper diet or a healthy diet. It may affect your gut health and your stomach is not able to digest protein as well as other food easily.

6. Eat Slowly

When you eat food fast and don’t chew it properly. It makes it difficult for your pancreas to break down this food. Try to eat slowly it also helps in digestion.

7. Eat Vitamin B-6 Rich Food

Vitamin B-6 is effective for food breakdown. Basically, it helps enzymes to break down protein into small amino acid chains. You can add ingredients that are rich in vitamin b-6 in your protein shake which is beneficial in protein shake absorption.

8. Add Complex Carbs

The absorption of protein does not mean digestion. Absorption of protein means how effectively protein works to recover and grow muscle.

When you consume complex carbs, it produces insulin that helps your muscle to absorb protein. So, adding carbs can also absorb protein shake better.

9. Best Time To Consume Protein Shake

It is also important when you consume your protein shake. So, the best time is to consume before or after a workout. It helps to absorb quickly.


The conclusion related to the topic “How to absorb protein shake better?”. When protein reaches in our stomach. Where different acids are present.

The main function of these acids is to break bigger protein molecules into smaller amino acid chains. These amino acid chains then go to the liver. From liver, it is sent to all body parts.

We also give you some hacks that are beneficial for better protein shake absorption. If you follow these hacks, you can manage to absorb any protein-rich food including protein shakes.

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