How To Carry Protein Powder To Gym? [7 Best Things]

How To Carry Protein Powder To Gym?

This blog post is for those people whose gym is too far away from their homes. The discussion is mainly related to “How to carry protein powder to gym?”. According to many people if you consume protein within 1 hour after your workout it helps more in muscle building.

You can say it’s a myth, but some people find it beneficial. So, if you are one of them and want to solve your problem then read the article. Here we will suggest different products that can help you with protein storage for the gym.          

Why It Is Important To Bring Protein Powder In Gym?

When you do high-intensity training in the gym it opens your anabolic window. It means that consuming protein within one hour after a workout is more effective and grows your muscles faster.

From different research, it has proved that the anabolic window opens up to 24 hours. But most people prefer after-workout protein intake. So, this is the reason to carry protein powder to the gym.    

How To Carry Protein Powder To Gym?

Protein powder is a widely used supplement all around the world that has many benefits in muscle growth as well as weight loss. The simplest way you can carry your protein powder to the gym is in a shaker bottle or a bottle with a separate container.

The purpose of this article is to suggest you use some kind of protein powder storage container that covers little space. The other reason is to minimize the number of things you need to bring to in gym. 


Here we enlist some products that are best for carrying protein powder to the gym. This is not a promotional blog post, so we suggest a general product. You can buy the product of any brand.    

1. Shaker Bottle 

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Shaker bottles are used by many people. You can say shaker bottle is the most common product all around the world.

You can put your protein powder in the shaker bottle and take it with you. But this trick only works if you are not pre-filling your shaker bottle because the powder sticks at the bottom of the bottle if you let it for 1-2 hours.     

2. Shaker Bottle With Container 

You can say a shaker bottle with a storage container is the upgraded version of a simple shaker bottle. It is one of the best options to carry protein powder with you as it contains a separate storage tank for protein powder storage.   

3. Key Chain Container  

Another good option for protein powder storage is a key chain container. Basically, a key chain container is simply a small size container that is portable and has enough space for a single serving.      

4. Stackable Storage Container  

The purpose of stackable storage containers is different. It is used for baby milk powder storage or snack storage. But it is the best option for you to bring it to the gym. It consists of 3 to 4 compartments where you can store different items that may be helpful for you.      

5. Powder Tube Containers And Travelling Roll 

A powder tube container is a lightweight container in which you can store 60 ml of protein powder.

It comes with 7 containers with a casing or role in which these containers are placed. Its length is up to 6 inches. It is a decent product if you are looking for a lightweight container.   

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6. Travel Dispenser 

A travel dispenser is another option you can try to carry protein powder, but it is used for the storage of baby products. It comes with a strong plastic case that is sealed proof. The capacity of this dispenser is up to 500 ml. So, you can consider it for protein storage.   

7. Zip Lock Bags

A zip lock bag is another good option that is used for protein powder storage. It is light weight available in different sizes, cheap, and easily available in every area around you. If you want to buy protein storage products, I strongly recommend this zip-lock bag.     


In this article, we discuss why there is a need to store protein powder for gym.  And how to carry protein powder to gym? This is because when you work out your muscle tissue breaks and if you consume protein after working out. It will help you to grow your muscles faster.

So, for your comfort, we find different products that are suitable for protein powder storage. These products are easily available and its lightweight. You don’t feel any kind of discomfort while using these products. Thanks!

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