Protein Bar Vs Protein Shake [5 Incredible Pros & Cons]

This blog post is written to do a comparison. “Protein bar vs protein shake”. It is an interesting topic. After reading this you can select between protein bars and protein shakes.

Every person has their own preferences some people select protein bars, and some select protein shakes. Both are good. Here we will give you the pros and cons of both protein bars and protein shakes. This analysis helps you to make a decision.

Protein Bar Vs Protein Shake

It is a comparison between protein bars and protein shakes. When we do comparisons, we give the pros and cons of the products and give our opinion. The final is according to you what you prefer between these two products. Everyone has their own way of checking the product and rating it. So, we give you detailed info regarding protein bars and protein shakes then you must decide which one is best.

This comparison post is not written to decide a winner because in certain circumstances protein bar is better than a protein shake. In some cases, protein shakes are better than protein bars.

We will discuss the pros and cons of both protein bars and protein shakes in detail and tell you which one is best for you.

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Pros Of Protein Bars

Protein bars offer different benefits. It is a ready-to-eat supplement that you can take in your bag and eat whenever you want. It is rich in protein, contains good amounts of fiber, and has carbs that provide energy to your body. So, we will give you the advantages of protein bars.

It has a long life. The opened protein bar also stays for a long time. You can carry bars on a long route like hiking, cycling, or running.

1. Protein Bars Are A Convenient Source

Protein bars and protein shakes both are convenient sources of protein. Both are premade. But protein bars are better than protein shakes as protein shakes need refrigeration and protein bars do not need any refrigeration.

2. Balanced Amount Of Macronutrients

Protein bars give you a better nutritional balance as compared to protein shakes. Although every brand offers different nutritional values in general it’s a better balance of nutrition. The quantity of fiber is more in protein bars than protein shakes which gives protein bars an edge over protein shakes.

For Example, Barebell protein bars provide you with 20g of protein, 16g of carbs, 8.4g of fat, and 4g of fiber.

The RX Chocolate Sea Salt provides 10g of protein, 15g of fat, and 27g of carbs.

3. Protein Bars Are More Filling

The research by the National Library of Medicine has proved that solid food is more filling and satiety compared to liquid food.

If you are consuming solid and liquid food of the same calories. Solid food makes you feel full for a longer time. Also, protein bar contains protein and fiber which digest slowly and can be more beneficial than shakes. The detection of calories may be difficult for the body when you consume beverages as compared to solid food.

4. Protein Bars Are Lighter

Protein bars are small. When you consume these bars. They do not slosh around in your stomach as they are lighter.

You can eat protein bars during workouts but in the case of protein shakes you must eat before your workout, so it digests and helps you in workout.

Cons Of Protein Bars

There are different brands of protein bar that uses different ingredients to make protein bars. Here are a few cons of protein bars in general which are given below:

1. High Sugar Content

To make protein bars tasty brands add different sweeteners which are sometimes harmful to our body. Some brands use sugar alcohols and table sugar which causes digestive issues.

2. Funky Fillers

This occurs in both protein bars and protein shakes. Some ingredients are added to the bars that we don’t know about which are harmful to our bodies. Preservatives are added in protein bars to increase their life which are not suitable for many people.

Pros of Protein Shake

Protein shakes also have many pros. Like it helps in weight management. It is customizable and various other benefits are described below:

1. Protein Quantity

Protein bars also contain protein, but protein shakes contain a higher content of protein. For example, if you are making a protein shake using protein powder and milk it provides you around 35 grams of protein. When you add other ingredients, it increases protein quantity.

2. Customizable And Easy To Make

There are different brands that offer pre-made protein shakes, but you can also make them at home easily. Yes, protein bars can also be made at home, but it is difficult to make them.  While making shakes at home you just need to collect the ingredients. Put in a blender and after 3 to 4 minutes of blending you will get your shake. You can use different combinations of ingredients according to your preference.

Corns Of Protein Shake

Consumption of protein shakes also leads to some corns which are listed below.

1. Hunger Pangs

Protein shakes are rich in protein but contain a smaller number of other macronutrients. It feels full when you drink it but digested easily and after some time you feel hungry.

2. Sugar Content

Protein shakes are also loaded with sugar like protein bars. In protein shakes protein powder is added which contains sugar content. When you add more sugar to sweeten its taste it increases overall sugar content. This can cause diabetes and digestive issues.


The summary of this blog post is that we do a comparison of “Protein bar vs protein shake”. Both provide many benefits with some corns that can be adjustable if you need a quick protein source. In some cases, protein bars take advantage of protein shakes, and in others, protein shakes take advantage of protein bars.

I suggested that you can use both. You can read the above and decide whether you want to go with protein bars or protein shakes, it’s up to you.

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