5 Incredible Steps Of Protein Shake For Bulking

In this blog post, we will explore about the protein shake for bulking and also share some recipes that give you high calories which helps to build a massive look. Protein shakes are customizable so you can add carbs-rich food and fat with protein to get carb and fat from protein shakes.

In bulking you need a calorie surplus diet to achieve your fitness goals. For this, you need different sources to achieve your daily calorie content.

To achieve this calorie content, you can add protein shakes to your diet to get calories in a healthy way. So here we will discuss protein shakes, and their benefits while in a bulking phase. 

What Is Bulking?

Bulking is a phase in bodybuilding in which where the main goal is to gain muscle mass and overall body weight. In bulking you need a calorie-surplus diet means consuming more calories than required.

In the bulking phase, individuals increase their protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake to increase muscle mass. Bulking requires high-resistance training which is a high-calorie diet to repair the tissues and to increase muscle growth.  

Which Season Is Best For Bulking? 

Winter season is the most considered season for bulking because the colder weather helps you to increase your calorie surplus diet.

Winter season is considered as off-season for competition so you can easily focus on your bulking. In the winter season due to low temperature, less sweat is produced on intense workouts which gives a benefit to bulk easily.  

5 Steps Of Protein Shakes For Bulking  

Whenever we heard about bulking one thing came to our mind that bulking is the process of increasing muscle mass and weight by adding extra calories to our diet. For bulking, we need a high-calorie diet.

To achieve this high-calorie diet, we need high-calorie food one of which is protein shakes. A protein shake is the most suitable source for bulking because you can customize it by yourself and increase the calories of a protein shake in a healthier way.

So here is a general guideline for making protein shakes for bulking. 

1. Choose A High-Quality Protein Powder

When you consider a protein powder keep in mind to choose a protein powder that contains all amino acid profiles that are not produced by our body and ensure that protein powder is derived from a good source.

Also, check which protein powder gives the maximum amount of protein in 1 scoop. This protein powder is digested easily and provides the amino acids for muscle growth which your body can’t produce.    

2. Add Carbohydrates

For bulking you also need carbohydrates with protein which supports your muscle growth and gives you the energy to do an intense workout. So, for considering carbohydrates you have to include sources like oats, bananas, barriers, or any other carbs-rich food.    

3. Include Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are also required for bulking so for this you must add fat to your shake which is important for hormone production. You can add sources like olive oil, peanut butter, almond butter, or any other fat source that is healthy.   

4. Consider Additional Ingredients

You can also add other ingredients to get more nutrients like you can add milk, yogurt, and Spinach. You can also add the flavor of your choice to enhance taste such as vanilla extract, chocolate, or any other flavor that you like the most.  

5. Blend All Together

The last but not least step is to blend all the ingredients with some milk or water together to make your shake.  

Recipe of Protein shake for bulking

  • 1 scoop Protein Powder
  • 1 banana medium-sized
  • 150-gram strawberries
  • 30-gram oats
  • 250 mL whole milk
  • 20-gram peanut butter
  • If you follow this recipe, it gives you 629 calories.


  • Take a blender and put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend it and enjoy the shake.
  • You can also add more ingredients to this recipe to get more benefits.

Benefits Of Protein Shake For Bulking

For bulking protein shake means it contains a high content of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. So protein shakes for bulking have many benefits which are as follows:    

1. Increasing Muscle Mass:

Protein shake contains a high content of protein which helps to repair the tissue after an intense workout. This protein helps to increase muscle mass and growth. 

2. Keeps You Energetic During Workout:

Protein shake also contains high carbohydrate content which gives you energy while you are doing high resistance workout. As carbohydrate is a source of energy so in bulking it is necessary to add carbohydrate to your diet.  

3. Customizable:

We can customize protein shakes easily by adding different ingredients and, we can customize its flavor. By this, we can increase the overall calories of our shake.  

4. Calorie Surplus:

Bulking requires a calorie-surplus diet. Protein shakes can contribute to this diet by providing protein carbs and fat. As it is customizable, so you can add different ingredients to make your protein shake more calorie surplus.  


In conclusion, protein shake is good for bulking. As it is customizable so is rich in protein, carbs, and fat which provide high calories from a single source. Bulking requires high calories to grow muscle, so protein shake helps to achieve this calorie intake. It can help you to achieve your daily protein consumption and gives you fat and carbohydrates.  

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