Protein Shake For Dinner [ 2 Recipes For Weight Loss & Gain]

In this blog, we will discuss about protein shake for dinner. You can add a protein shake to your dinner meal if you want to gain weight. This protein shake increases overall calories and you can get calorie rich dinner which helps to gain weight.

If you try to lose weight you can replace your dinner meal with low calorie protein shake the recipe of which is shared in our blog. If protein shakes contain milk, this milk helps you in sleeping.  

Protein Shakes For Dinner  

If we use protein shakes in dinner it is good because it can help you to get protein with other nutrients which you can’t get from other dinner meals.

It also repairs muscles quickly during sleeping time so protein shakes can provide protein that the body uses to repair muscles.

Using protein shakes in dinner helps to reduce weight and it can help to gain weight. If you use milk in protein shakes, milk contains tryptophan which helps in sleeping.  

Weight Loss Due To Protein Shake For Dinner

You can customize your protein shake by yourself and add what you want. So, if you want to lose weight you can replace your dinner with a protein shake.

You can add ingredients that are in low calories so that you can consume minimum calories as much as possible. This helps you to lose weight. We will also share some recipes which help you to lose weight. 

Benefits Of Protein Shake

Here are some benefits of Protein shakes before going to bed or at dinner.

  • It helps you to achieve your daily protein intake which is necessary for your body.
  • Protein shakes also contain some other nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Adding protein shakes gives some other nutrients.
  • If you use milk in protein shakes it helps you in sleeping. Milk contains tryptophan which can improve your sleep by increasing melatonin.
  • Protein is necessary for muscle recovery and growth. You can get a good amount of protein from protein shakes which helps to build muscle.
  • It avoids overeating. Protein digests slowly which reduces hunger cravings.
  • It helps to reduce weight by decreasing your calorie intake. If you want to reduce weight you can make your shake which contains the least calories that helps to reduce weight.
  • It helps you to increase weight by increasing calorie intake. High-calorie protein shakes can help to increase your calorie intake with the help of which you are able to gain weight. 
  • It is customizable. You can easily make it by yourself by adding ingredients of your own choice which makes it tastier and healthier.
  • It takes less making time. If you have a busy schedule, then this is what you must add to your diet to get maximum benefit and to save time.

Weight Gain Due To Protein Shake For Dinner

If you have a skinny body or want to build a bulk body, then you can achieve your goal by adding protein shakes to dinner or in your diet.

You can make a high calorie protein shake which increases your overall calorie intake and helps you to increase weight. We will share some recipes. If you follow these recipes, you can gain weight easily. 

Recipe Of Protein Shake For Weight Loss

Recipe 1:

Protein powder 1 scoop (pea protein)80 calories


Unsweetened almond milk ½ Cup20 calories
Chia seeds 1 tsp17 calories
Honey ½ tsp20 calories
Total137 Calories

Recipe 2:

1 cup water0 calories
1/2 cup berries (any)24 calories
1 Scoop protein powder (pea protein)80 calories
1 tablespoon Honey 64 calories

Recipe Of Protein Shake For Weight Gain:

Recipe 1:

1 scoop Protein Powder (whey)113 calories
1 cup milk (full fat)149 calories
1 ripe banana110 calories
2 tbsp peanut butter188 calories
1 tbsp honey64 calories

Recipe 2:

1 scoop Protein powder (whey)113 calories
1 cup strawberries 49 calories
1 cup whole milk149
1 tbsp honey64
2 tbsp chia seeds138


  • Blend all the ingredients in the blender for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • You can also add or replace any of the above ingredients by your choice.


In conclusion, you can add protein shakes to your diet with dinner or replace your dinner with protein shakes. It’s up to you if you want to lose weight you can replace your dinner with a low-calorie protein shake and if you want to gain weight you can add a protein shake to your dinner meal to get more calories to gain weight. Most of the protein shake contains milk. Milk contains tryptophan (a type of amino acid) which helps in sleeping. 

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