10 Mystery Reasons Why Are My Protein Pancakes So Dry?

Nowadays many people eat protein pancakes and add them to their daily routine because it gives a good amount of protein, and it is tasty and healthy. Most people are suffering from this issue and ask the question “Why are my protein pancakes so dry?”

In short, I’ll tell you some of the reasons. For detail read the full article. When you cook your pancakes, they seem so dry mostly this is due to overuse of protein powder or you are not adding liquid which provides moisturizer to your pancakes.

Further in this blog, I explain briefly about different reason and their solution you can read this, and I hope it helps you.

Why Are My Protein Pancakes So Dry?  

Protein pancakes are made using different ingredients Most of the ingredients are in powdered or solid form example oats and protein powder.

If you are not adding a balanced quantity of ingredients, it may cause your protein pancakes to dry. There are many possible reasons that make your protein pancakes dry few of them are discussed below.

10 Reasons Why Your Protein Pancakes Are So Dry

Here are 10 reasons given below:


1. Don’t Add Enough Liquid 

Protein pancakes are made with different ingredients if you don’t add enough liquid which is in the form of milk or sometimes water it makes your batter thick which makes your pancake dry. If you are adding ingredients that absorb moisture, then add liquid accordingly.

2. Cooking At High Flame 

When you use a high flame to cook your pancakes it cooks pancakes quickly, but it dries your pancakes and sometimes you overcook your pancake. Try to cook your pancakes at medium to low flame to get good results.

3. Add Egg 

Add whole egg as an ingredient in the batter it gives moisture and keeps your pancake fluffy and soft.

4. Resting Time 

Before cooking leave your batter for some time, it sets all the ingredients and makes your pancake fluffier.

5. Don’t Add Fat 

Most of the time when we hear about fat, we think it is not good for us but there is healthier fat which is important for the body. If you don’t want to dry your pancakes, put some healthier fat in a batter of pancakes and grease the pan with the oil in which you cook your pancakes.

6. Adding Too Much Protein Powder 

The biggest mistake people make while making pancakes is adding too much protein powder and think this is good. Protein powder absorbs liquid and is dense.

So, the addition of too much protein powder makes your pancakes dry and rubbery. Must use the right ratio of protein powder in your batter to get good and fluffy pancakes.

7. Not Using Baking Powder 

Baking powder and soda are the key ingredients that help to raise your pancake and make your pancakes fluffy. Sometimes you don’t use baking powder which results in dry pancakes. So, add the correct ratio of baking powder to get fluffy pancakes.

8. Overmixing Of Batter 

When you add all the ingredients together and start mixing and mixing too much it makes your batter thick, and it is one of the reasons why your pancakes are dry.

9. A Good Pan 

Choosing a good pan is the key to making perfect pancakes. Use a non-stick pan and grease it well. Preheat your pancake to get the good results.

10. Flour Quantity

Sometimes you add little flour and too much protein powder which causes your pancakes to dry. Add a properly balanced quantity of flour not too much nor too little.


In conclusion, I say that there are several reasons “why are my protein pancakes so dry” which I discussed causes your pancakes to dry so if you want to make your pancakes fluffier and softer follow the above guidelines.

Keep in mind these reasons and try not to add anything over. If your pancakes are still dry, then add extra liquid and reduce the quantity of ingredients that absorb too much moisture.

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