2 Unforgettable Reasons Why Do Protein Shakes Taste Bad?

Today we try to cover the topic “Why do protein shakes taste bad?” in this blog. Firstly, you may know about the types or categories of protein shakes like Home-made and Factory-made.

If you make your shake at home and it tastes bad then it is easy to make a good taste shake just check the ratio of all ingredients, use milk with protein powder, add honey as a sweetener instead of artificial sweetener, and add some peanut butter.

By changing these things, you can make a good protein shake at home. For factory-made, you cannot change the ingredients, but you can check the label where different ingredients are mentioned.

Check the type of protein powder used in the shake (whether it is plant-based or animal-based) try to pick the shake which uses animal-based protein powder. You can read the article to get further information.

2 Categories Of Protein Shakes


Protein shakes are divided into many categories but here we will discuss 2 categories:

1. Homemade Protein Shakes

Homemade protein shakes contain natural ingredients and are customizable. You can make your shake according to your own desire and flavor.

2. Factory Made Protein Shakes

These kinds of shakes are prepared in the factory. The ingredients used in these shakes are processed through chemical and mechanical processes.

Artificial flavor is added, and preservatives are used to make it fresh for a long time.

2 Main Reasons Why Do Protein Shakes Taste Bad?

In this blog post, we will discuss why both homemade and factory-made protein shakes taste bad. First, we try to cover homemade protein shakes.

1. The Reason Behind The Bad Taste Of Homemade Protein Shakes

Homemade protein shakes are made by us which sometimes taste bad due to the following reasons:

a. Ingredients Selection

The main thing that makes your shake tasty is the ingredients. Sometimes we use low-quality ingredients or don’t use a good combination of ingredients which makes our shake taste bad.

b. Protein Powder

Mostly in protein shakes we use protein powder to get a high content of protein from the shake. If you use low-quality protein powder or a local protein powder that doesn’t taste good, then it can make your protein shake taste bad.

Sometimes we add too much quantity of protein powder which makes the shake thick and gives us a very sharp taste of protein powder flavor in shakes.

c. Improper Ratio Of Ingredients

The proper ratio of ingredients makes the taste good. If you are adding too much protein powder and use little liquid this impacts the taste of the protein shake.

4. Time After Making

If you place your shake for a longer time, then it changes its taste. This is because there are many ingredients that are used in homemade shakes which change the taste as time passes.

2. The Reason Behind The Bad Taste Of Factory-Made Protein Shakes

There are many reasons behind the bad taste of factory-made protein shakes which are given below:

a. Artificial Sweeteners

Companies don’t use table sugar in their shakes to prevent customers from diabetes. They use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin.

This sweetener contains zero calories but the side effect of using these sweeteners is it makes the taste nasty and bad. It also causes headaches, distress, and stomach disorders. It can cause a chemical aftertaste after drinking which is not good.

b. Mesh Count

Protein shake taste also depends on mesh count. The higher the mesh count finer the consistency which reduces chalkiness.

Manufacture mostly made plant-based protein shakes in which the protein powder is made through plant sources which causes a chalky taste of the protein shake.

c. Protein Powder

Protein powder is an important ingredient in protein shakes. Mostly plant-based protein powder is added in protein shakes which makes its taste so bad.

6 Ways To Make Protein Shakes Taste Good?

Here we will discuss what makes your homemade protein shakes taste better. For a factory-made protein shake you can check the label of protein shake and check a few things like protein powder.

Always go with animal-based protein powder. After that check which sweetener is used in the shake. If you can pick your shake while following this instruction hope so you will get a good taste protein shake.

For homemade protein shakes here are a few instructions:

  1. You can use milk with protein powder it tastes better. Milk helps to balance the sweetness of artificial sweeteners used in protein powder and gives you feel like a naturally sweet taste.
  2. Use a blender or mixer that blends all the ingredients together and makes a smoother shake that tastes much better.
  3. You can choose animal-based protein powder and choose a flavored protein powder like vanilla, chocolate, or the one that you like.
  4. You can use peanut butter which helps you to enhance the taste of your shake and provides you with extra protein.
  5. Add honey instead of using table sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  6. Use a proper ratio of ingredients that makes your shake taste good.


I summarize the article by adding a few words regarding “Why do protein shakes taste bad?”.

For a homemade protein shake just add a balanced amount of ingredients, blend it well, and check the ingredients if needed change the ingredients.

You can get your desired taste protein shake. If you are using a company that makes protein shakes, then check the ingredients present on the ingredients list and follow the instructions given above and you will get a good product.

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